Members and Auxiliary

Family members and carers of our clients are an important part of the overall Sunnyfield team.

What sets Sunnyfield apart from many other disability support organisations is that we are a family-based Member organisation, with a very strong community dedicated to supporting our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations. We encourage all family members and carers to become Members so your family can contribute to the quality of care for not only your loved one, but for everyone at Sunnyfield.

Sunnyfield has over 500 members. Sunnyfield’s Directors (all volunteers) are voted in by Members at Sunnyfield’s Annual General Meeting, and a minimum of  50% of Board Directors are Members.

Sunnyfield Members:

  • can belong to parent Auxiliary group  (currently active Auxiliary Groups meet in Northern Sydney
  • can attend Sunnyfield’s Annual General Meeting.
  • assist Sunnyfield with Fundraising and Volunteering.
  • assist Supported Employees in their workplace committees.
  • attend regular updates about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and changes in State and Federal Government funding.
  • receive regular updates on what great work Sunnyfield is doing.
  • provide regular feedback to staff to assist and improve services; and
  • support each other as a community with a common purpose to improve the lives of people with disability.

A member receives the following benefits:

  • An invitation to attend and voting rights at Sunnyfield’s AGM (and other General Meetings if Called).  One third of Sunnyfield’s Directors retire annually and at the AGM Sunnyfield Members vote on Directors seeking re-election and new Directors.
  • Access to join and participate in the Sunnyfield Members’ Auxiliaries

What is Sunnyfield Membership?

Any family member or guardian of a Sunnyfield client can apply to Sunnyfield’s Board to become a member.  Members have a voice in the direction and governance of  Sunnyfield with voting rights at the Sunnyfield Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Sunnyfield is a Public Company limited by guarantee and regulated by ASIC. Sunnyfield has a Board with 10 Directors: 5 are members and 5 are non-member Directors.
Click the below thumbnail to download the membership form and view more information about membership.

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Click here to view Sunnyfield Constitution.


Members meet regularly, typically every two months, and frequently arrange for presentations to be made by Sunnyfield management, politicians, experts & VIPs.  You may wish to nominate topics that you would like covered, ideas include wills & trusts, guardianship & powers of attorney, self management, accommodation & independent living.

You can ask for special subjects relevant to disability to be explored as well.  At present there are Auxiliary groups operating in  Northern Sydney.  By becoming a member of Sunnyfield you can get involved with the Auxiliary groups.

Staying in touch

Being a family founded organisation, managed by family members for the first 40 or so years, Sunnyfield understands the critical importance of not only supporting the person with a disability, but also working with the families and carers to ensure they have access to the information they need to support their family member. We also recognise and encourage the mutual support families frequently provide to one another and invite all new members to participate in the Auxiliary groups. The contact details for the auxiliary groups are located in the right hand panel of the website, you may wish to may contact in order to arrange a discussion with the families in your area.

The Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary manage a separate website ( which is a place for members to stay in touch with one another and to make sure that important matters relevant to Sunnyfield and intellectual disability are widely and fairly publicised. It is controlled entirely by the members, operated and managed completely independently from Sunnyfield staff.  Sunnyfield management are often invited to attend, present on key matters and talker informally with all family members attending the particular meeting.

The Members Auxiliary blog ( keeps people up to date and shares information, click here to view.

 Northern Sydney Auxiliary Blog