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After School Care

Sunnyfield's after school care programs are designed for school aged children and young people with disability.

After School Care

Read Kyle's Story

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Services Brochure - Easy English

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Kyle shares his story

Kyle is an aspiring writer who uses his time and space at Sunnyfield’s After School Care as one of his writing havens and a source of inspiration for his autobiography.

The Learning Tree is designed for school aged children and young people with disability. Activities are built around fostering all kinds of social, physical, creative and language skills. Just like a real tree, the Learning Tree has branches which offer music, dance, sport and fitness, games, arts and crafts.

Sessions run Monday to Friday during school terms and extended hours and school holidays are available on request.

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Can I use my NDIS funding to access these supports?

To access our after school care services, you must be an NDIS participant and have approval for funding in the following area.

  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation (Core Supports)
Sunnyfield can provide
  • Educational games
  • Homework and tutorial support
  • Technology time (computers/iPad)
  • Exercise games and gym like activities
  • Participants choice outing’s
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