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Parramatta Hub

Tue 4th January, 2022  –  Fri 25th March, 2022

A beautifully restored cottage serves as the home for the Parramatta hub and is sure to feel just like home to you too. Set amongst the parklands full of bright sunshine and full views of the greenery, all the excitement of the area is close enough to breathe in. There’s always room to grow as well, with a state-of-the-art SMART Board, a computer learning hub, follow and explore your passions at Parramatta.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Baking, bowling, yoga and sports

Baking and shopping $4
We’ll explore recipes, shop for ingredients, and bake some treats.

Bowling $7
We’ll head to the nearby bowling centre for a game of ten-pin.

Time to touch your soul with some yoga.

Outdoor sports
Time to hit the park for some footy, soccer, cricket, or any sport as you please.

Activity Cost



Arts, sewing, yoga and scrapbooking

Arts and crafts $3
Let’s get crafty and create exciting art projects as a group, we’ll also enter our wonderful masterpiece into local art shows and competitions.

Sewing $3
Learn basic sewing skills such as threading a needle, sewing a straight stitch, sewing a button, using a pattern

Time to touch your soul with some yoga.

Scrapbooking $2
Scrapbooking is back! Have fun making creating your very own scrapbook documenting all your precious moments and making it about you.

Activity Cost



Yoga, fitness, bingo and tech time

Time to touch your soul with some yoga.

It’s time to get active with our fitness session.

Bingo $4
We’ll run our own BINGO at the hub and take the stakes a notch higher.

Tech time 
Time to take out the iPads and keep up with the latest in technology.

Activity Cost



Fitness, beauty, cooking and walking

Exercise group $2
Grab your peers and let’s move our bodies and relax our minds with exercise.

Sensory beauty $2
We’ll stimulate your senses with a sensory beauty session.

Cooking $5
We’ll learn how to Follow a Recipe and measure ingredients to create a delicious treat in the kitchen.

Take time out to stroll around the local surroundings and add much-needed steps to your daily life

Activity Cost



Sensory, BBQ and yoga

Sensory room
We’ll use the Tovertafel projector that uses light, colour, and music to stimulate, physical, social, and cognitive activity.

BBQ and Disco $5
It’s the time to disco and have a BBQ with our mates at Guildford hub.

Time to touch your soul with some yoga.

Activity Cost

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Sunnyfield Hub

Parramatta Hub
Queens Road Guesthouse, Cnr West Domain Ave & Park Ave
Westmead, NSW 2145 Australia
+ Google Map
1300 588 688
Age Group
Adults 18+
Western Sydney
Event Information
Transport Available, Activity Costs, Centre-Based, Sunnyfield Hub
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
Program Type
Sunnyfield Hub
Suburb Western Sydney

Contact Organiser

Cynthia Silvey
Service Manager
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