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Lake Macquarie Hub

Fri 1st January, 2021  –  Sat 31st July, 2021

The Lake Macquarie hub is for enjoying all that life has to offer. Build your social and life skills with cooking classes, work-ready programs, travel training, fitness and nutrition courses, and karate lessons. Set aside some time just for fun too, with fishing clubs, Boyz Nights, workout groups, and loads more social activities like local tours, events, and BBQs. For new friends, you can’t go wrong with Lake Macquarie.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Next Steps

Team Business $Free
Our group will come together with ideas and plan a productive Sunnyfield micro business. We will set goals around our business, what we want to achieve, research ideas, put ideas into production, and where to take our products to sell. A great opportunity to connect with our local community in raising funds, seeing our hard work and entrepreneurial skills meeting our business goals.

Team Tech $Free
This program is about learning through technology, and the importance of keeping ourselves safe on social media. We will learn basic computer and printing skills, how to research and investigate topics and utilise our SMARTBoard to play brain games, and learn about cyber safety. For some extra fun, we will end the day with some gaming on our Playstation or computer games.

Activity Cost



Around the World

Simply delicious $10
A cooking program learning simple, delicious, healthy, and cost-effective recipes that can be replicated and cooked at home for family and friends. Our program will involve researching and planning recipes, budgeting, and purchasing ingredients. We will then come together as a group and enjoy what we have made for lunch, whether it be at the hub setting up a dinner party or heading out for a picnic feast. A cookbook will be compiled to take home.

Travel around the World $20
Imagine visiting Tuscany, being part of the colour of a Mexican fiesta, or taking a trip around Asia. Worldly travel may be on hold for now, but we don’t need a plane to celebrate the culinary delights of our world. We will take the train or public transport to a destination to devour the delicacies of another country. We won’t need to pack our bags and go far, with the array on offer locally, but we will need to learn how to get there and what part of the world we will visit.

Activity Cost



Fit and healthy

Fit and healthy $12
We will hit the local gym for a fitness class provided by qualified fitness instructors. Spin, balance, Zumba, circuit training, and step classes will be offered. We will learn about the importance of exercise and leading a healthy and active lifestyle for our well-being.

Team sports $Free
Being part of a team sport is a great way to bring us together and work as a team on the field. We will play a variety of team sports, starting with a warm-up and ending with some cool-down stretching exercises. Bring your team spirit as we will be looking for the players displaying teamwork, fair play, and team building for our award ceremony at the end of this program.

Activity Cost



Fitness and work ready

Boxing and commando fitness $10
This cardio fitness program is designed to improve balance, posture, coordination, and strengthening of our upper body and core. Partner exercises and fitness challenges are incorporated into this fun and engaging program. Bring your energy, enthusiasm, plenty of water, and a packed lunch.

Work-ready $Free
This program will equip you with the skills and knowledge to enter the workforce or to gain further training with confidence. Whether you are eager to join the workforce, do some volunteering, thinking of studying, want to obtain your driver’s license or work certifications, work-ready will support your goals.

Activity Cost



Natural wonders

Natural wonders $5
We will research the natural wonders of our local and outer region, research the history of the destination, do some orienteering/scavenger hunts as we navigate through, and learn about the area as a group. What might you find out about or discover on the geo trail, from a visit to the wetlands center, walking trails, the botanic gardens, or the beach and lake? Our discoveries will be documented and compiled for a coffee table book to reflect on and to share with visitors.

Water safety $10
This program will take us to the pool or surf. It will be fun, but in being fun we also need to be safe around the water. We will learn about water safety, reading the surf, what to do when you or another are in danger, learn CPR and basic first aid. There will game to enjoy and time for fun in the pool or surf.

Activity Cost

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