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Lake Macquarie Hub

Wed 1st July, 2020  –  Fri 18th December, 2020

The Lake Macquarie hub is for enjoying all that life has to offer. Build your social and life skills with cooking classes, work-ready programs, travel training, fitness and nutrition courses, and karate lessons. Set aside some time just for fun too, with fishing clubs, Boyz Nights, workout groups, and loads more social activities like local tours, events, and BBQs. For new friends, you can’t go wrong with Lake Macquarie.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Eco Warriors & Sunny Cafe

Eco Warriors $5
Let’s get amongst nature and explore all the wonders our beautiful area has to offer. Let’s garden, compost, make worm farms, explore natures waterways, the beach, lake and wetlands. We will also try our hand at scavenger hunts and afternoon meditation sessions.

Sunny Cafe $5
Let’s tantalise our taste buds and get creative in the kitchen. We are going to make sweet delights served with our favourite drinks. The guys will learn how to run their own cafe by taking orders, writing menus and purchasing groceries.

Activity Cost



Bushwalking & cooking

Bushwalking Backpackers
Let’s go on an adventure and find some cool spots to explore. Put on your hiking boots and hat. It’s time to hit the track with a picnic lunch.

Catering & cooking $10
We’ll shop the season’s latest produce with good nutritional value from Woolies or Coles. To do so we’ll employ our budgeting skills to get bang for our buck. We’ll then end up cutting, mixing, and eating!

Activity Cost



Fishing, Micro Minds & STEM

Reel Fishing Club $5
Hope we don’t have to wait too long for the fish to bite. Although fishing takes patience. When you do catch the big one make sure you take a photo of your catch and don’t let it get away.

Minds on Micro $5
Let’s build a micro-business and sell our products. Learn to raise money to purchase what’s on our wish list.

It’s time to get our thinking caps on and put on our lab coats. Let’s explore lots of different concepts and how things work.

Activity Cost



Sports & Junk to Funk

Boxing and Tennis $10
Let’s get physical! We will alternate learning boxing skills and tennis skills. Who is going to be the next Muhammad Ali or Rodger Federer. Don’t forget to wear the correct attire.

Junk to Funk $5
In this activity, we do our bit to improve our planet by utilising junk to make useful and funky items.

Activity Cost



Fun Bus & Karaoke Party

The Fun Bus $5
Let’s decorate the bus with streamers and balloons or come dressed up in a theme for the day. Let’s head off for a mystery tour. Singalong’s, Lucky bus door prizes, car games. It’s time to have some fun!

Knowing Me / Knowing You
There’s a star hidden in everyone. Aim to understand ourselves and others better, identify our skills, talents, and strengths.

Karaoke Party
It’s time to get movin’ and groovin’ at the end of week Karaoke Party. It truly is the time to disco and entertain one and all.

Activity Cost

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Sunnyfield Hub

Lake Macquarie Hub
253 Main Road
Fennell Bay, NSW 2283 Australia
+ Google Map
Age Group
Adults 18+
Event Information
Transport Available, Wheelchair Friendly, Centre-Based
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
Program Type
Sunnyfield Hub

Contact Organiser

Lisa Barrett
Service Manager