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About intellectual disability

Enriching the lives of people with disability by creating choice, opportunities and skills for life.

About Intellectual Disability

All people are different and develop their abilities in different ways. Some people may find developing certain skills more difficult than others and this may be due to their interests, the way they learn to do a task or due to an intellectual disability.

Intellectual disability must be assessed by a doctor and/or a Psychologist. An assessment of function will take place while the person is under 18 years of age.  They will usually assess the person’s IQ and ability to perform daily tasks such as communication and learning new skills that are appropriate to their age.

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Interacting with people with disability
  • Always treat people with disability with respect
  • Have a conversation as you would with other people
  • Always speak directly and make eye contact
  • Listen carefully to what the person needs or wants to tell you
  • Use everyday language
  • Don’t be shy to have a laugh
  • Be honest, if you have not understood something that has been said ask the person to repeat or point to bring you to where they want to go or what they need
  • If the individual is in a wheelchair, speak to them at eye level
Communication tips

Sometimes people with disability will communicate in different ways, this may include

  • Looking at the other person to speak on their behalf
  • Using pictures or visual aids
  • Facial expressions and gestures

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