ASX Thomson Reuters Art Union

Give Sunnyfield’s aging clients the retirement they deserve through this years ASX Thomson Reuters Art Union Winter Appeal campaign.

Giving up work is a time to set sail on an island hopping cruise, relax and discover new hobbies and friendships. But for many of Sunnyfield’s older clients, a dream retirement is out of their reach. Due to a lack of funding, they’re often socially isolated and unable to access suitable activities. The 2015-16 ASX Thomson Reuters Charity Foundation, will be used to fund the first year of a program aimed at providing more support and greater opportunities for Sunnyfield’s ageing and retired clients. They deserve it!

Caroline’s story

Caroline was once a social butterfly who loved singing and dancing, attending church and running a busy tea room at her retail job. She rose at 5am each day to catch the bus to work and her outgoing personality always put a smile on the faces of her co-workers and many friends.  Unfortunately, since Caroline’s retirement from the workforce, she’s now more reliant on Sunnyfield staff support to access the community and activities. “Caroline worked at Kmart at Chatswood and did tagging, pricing and was in charge of the tea room,” says Regional Manager Janet Kirkwood, who’s known Caroline for over twenty years. “She’s also worked at Best & Less, at Sunnyfield’s Ablite lighting factory and Enterprises in Allambie. As well as being a diligent and hardworking employee, Caroline was an active member of the community, who was always out and about.”

Unfortunately, Caroline hasn’t been able to enjoy retirement to the fullest. “Retirement hasn’t been an easy path for Caroline,” says Janet. “Unfortunately, Caroline has declined mentally and physically following retirement and there’s no current funding available for her to access stimulating health and well-being programs. It’s a shame, as she still has so much to offer and could be doing more with her time.”

Caroline has a soft spot for children and animals and enjoys arts and crafts, walking and visiting local beaches and parks. She’s a valued member of her shared home in Dee Why. “Caroline is a gentle, happy soul, who needs more one-on-one support to be able to participate in the activities she enjoys,” says Janet. “With more funding Caroline would love to join an art or music class. She finds peace in drawing and has a beautiful singing voice.”


If YOU would like to raise funds for our wonderful seniors, sell as many ASX-Thomson Reuters tickets by 3/3/16. Tickets can be purchased HERE  or call Fundraising on 9412 8634 or email for more information.