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NDIS Hot Topics

Question: What is the difference between an NDIS Provider and a Support Coordinator?

A registered NDIS Provider is a person or organisation delivering a support or a product to a participant of the NDIS. They must be registered with the NDIA and adhere to the Terms of Business for registered support providers. A Support Coordinator is a person or organisation who is a registered provider (as above) that specifically provides support to implement a participant’s NDIS plan. Support coordination is the provision of assistance in plan implementation, with the objective to strengthen a participant’s abilities to connect to and coordinate informal, mainstream and funded supports.

Question: How will I know if I am eligible for the NDIS?

If you currently receive services from the NSW State Government via Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) then you will be automatically eligible for the NDIS.

If you do not currently receive these services, you will need to complete an NDIS Access Request Form and be assessed for eligibility.

For more information or to access the NDIS Access Request Form:  https://myplace.ndis.gov.au/ndisstorefront/ndis-access-checklist.html

Question: What is a Service Booking and how does it work?

A service booking is an online process to allocate your NDIS funding to service providers.

The service booking nominates the type of service, dates of support and funding to be allocated to your preferred provider(s).

This ensures that both parties are aware of the requirements for service, the length of time the service is required and also ensures you have adequate funds to pay for the service.

For more information on Service Bookings visit: https://myplace.ndis.gov.au/ndisstorefront/html/sites/default/files/documents/Provider/Module%206.pdf

Question: What is the “myplace” portal?

The new online participant portal called ‘myplace’ has been upgraded to cater for the growing number of NDIS participants.

It is a secure website for participants, nominees and contacts who are approved to view and direct NDIS plans and where applicable make self-managed claims online.

The myplace portal is the one-stop-shop to manage your NDIS plan. Through the portal you can view your plan details, book services with providers, monitor your funding levels and communicate with your providers. You can also manage claims if you are self-managing.

For more information about the myplace participant portal, visit: https://myplace.ndis.gov.au/ndisstorefront/participant-portal-user-guide.html

Question:  What is My First Plan?

To assist in transferring a large number of people with disability to the NDIS, the ‘My First Plan’ has been introduced. This first plan is designed to make sure you have time to learn more about all of your options with the NDIS and consider your goals for your next plan.

The ‘My First Plan’ is an outline of your current supports and services and may also include a range of supports provided by your family, friends, doctors, school and paid disability providers.

To create your first plan a Local Area Coordinator or NDIA Planner will contact you to find out about your current supports and services. To support this process, it will be handy to have a breakdown of all of your daily activities such as preparing meals, transport, community and social activities or supports you may receive with household tasks. This information will form the basis of your first plan. You will keep receiving your current supports until you have an NDIS plan in place.

Your first plan will be in place for 12 months, which will give you time to think about how those supports and services are working for you, and what else you might need to help you achieve your goals before you do your next plan.

For more information about ‘My First Plan’ visit: myplace.ndis.gov.au/ndisstorefront/participants/planning-process.html

Sunnyfield’s Preparation Tool

To assist in communicating your current supports and services and any future support needs. Sunnyfield has developed on easy to use online tool for all NDIS participants. To register for this tool visit – www.sunnyfield.org.au/preparation-for-my-first-plan-tool
Question: How can I contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)?

Question: What is a self-managed NDIS Package?

Self-management means you are responsible for paying the invoices directly related to the supports you have received through your NDIS plan. You should then be reimbursed for these expenses by the NDIA, with the money deposited into your NDIS bank account. Self-managing your plan may also allow you to directly employ your own staff, or possibly pay someone else to employ them on your behalf.

Question: Has the NDIA changed the planning process?

Yes. The NDIA has recognised that this transition can be stressful for people with disabilities and their families and carers. As such, from July 2016 the NDIA will launch “My First Plan”. This will be a streamlined process where a persons’ first plan will contain their current supports and any immediate unmet needs. It will not discuss goals or aspirations, giving the person and their support network 12 months to consider these aspects and be ready for their second plan.

Question: What are the current steps to transition into the NDIS?

  1. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will confirm your eligibility
  2. You will be contacted by the NDIA or a Local Area Coordinator to arrange a meeting
  3. You will complete the streamlined “My First Plan” process
  4. You will get an approved plan from the NDIA
  5. You choose your service provider(s) and start supports under the NDIS

Question: Once you have an approved NDIS plan, what happens next?

You can then choose your service provider(s) and they will ask you to sign a service agreement which outlines the responsibilities of the decision makers for the person with disability, the responsibilities of the service provider and the supports and services that will be provided.

Once this is complete, your NDIS supports can commence. It is important to note that your current supports will not stop while you transition but they may change after you move to the NDIS.

Question: How do I get access to the planning process?

At this stage, the NDIA will contact all people known to be receiving specialist disability supports funded through the state government or Department of Social Services (DSS).

For people with disability who are not receiving any supports, you can contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 or visit www.ndis.gov.au

Question: Do I need to fill out an NDIS Access Request Form if I already receive Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) funded services?

No. If you are currently receiving ADHC funded services, are under 65 years old and a permanent Australian resident then you will automatically be eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Question: If I move to a new area, does my NDIS funding come with me?

Yes. The NDIS funding is portable, so if you move town or even move state then you can take your funding with you.